Elder Economic Forum

Elder economic Forum represented by Kevin Prindiville,Michael Adams,Betsy Butler,Fiona Ma,Kim McCoy Wade

Over the next decade and a half, the number of people in California aged 65 and older will grow by 4 million. We know that our state is struggling to meet the needs of our aging population and many are unable to retire or thrive on their fixed incomes. Consequently, nearly half of California’s older adults are financially insecure or are one unexpected expense away from homelessness and poverty.

We hope this interactive forum provided new information ideas and perspectives as we navigate factors contributing to economic hardship among California’s older population. Below are the PowerPoint presentations to assist you in finding innovative solutions to promote healthy environments for older adults and help address housing insecurity issues.

To view a video of the Forum, use the link below:

The California Commission on Aging’s latest policy paper, Solving the Economic Security Gap for California’s Older Adultscombines research and testimony presented at the Elder Economic Forum. Examining the cumulative, long-term impacts of systemic racism and discrimination on older adult vulnerabilities, particularly upon women, LGBT, and people of color, the paper describes program innovations and offers policy and program recommendations to guide systemic changes to help address many inequities.