Director's Message

Director Sandra Fitzpatrick

While the California Commission on Aging's mission is to advise the Governor, Legislature, federal, state and local agencies on issues related to California’s older adults, we strive to achieve much more. The Commission is comprised of diverse individuals with decades of experience serving the people of California. These professionals, like many older Californians, work every day to support and enhance the quality of life in communities throughout our state.

In understanding that all individuals age differently, the Commission’s goal is to support the independence of older adults through policies that provide person-centered services. The Commission makes recommendations that preserve personal dignity, enhance community awareness, and promote safe, healthy living in collaboration with public and private organizations.

It is important to advocate for access to affordable healthcare and housing, as well as to protect the rights of individuals, particularly those in more vulnerable populations. The Commission also seeks to advance education, services, support and opportunities both now, and for generations to come.