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California Commission on Aging Releases Policy Recommendations to Address Elder Economic Insecurity

The California Commission on Aging’s latest policy paper, Solving the Economic Security Gap for California’s Older Adults, examines the trends in population growth, diversity and the economic inequity experienced by many older adults. Based on testimony presented at the Commission’s 2019 Elder Economic Forum, the paper recognizes the cumulative, long-term impact of systemic racism and discrimination impacting the vulnerability of older adults, particularly those who are women, LGBT, and people of color. The paper describes innovative programs featured at the forum and offers policy and program recommendations to address many inequities.

The Commission’s correspondence presenting the paper to Governor Newsom is here.

Master Plan for Aging Activities Update

Given the urgency and scale of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the California Department of Aging (CDA) will continue to postpone its Master Plan for Aging (MPA) activities, including the previously scheduled April meetings and webinars, as well as the May 18th Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting. However, CDA does intend to convene the May 28th SAC meeting. We will make additional announcements over the next couple weeks.

COVID19 Response – Share Your Resources!

For now, we are pivoting the EngAGE campaign to the statewide COVID-19 response. During the MPA COVID-19 response call on Saturday, the 28th with CDA and the Health and Human Services Agency, we heard from many of you about the innovative outreach and engagement approaches that you and your organizations are using to support older adults who are potentially isolated, lonely, or in need of a helping hand at this time. CDA would love to catalogue your resources to share across our networks for enhanced outreach. Please join this effort by sharing your best practices and resources in creating community check-ins and support systems via this SurveyMonkey link.

It will just take a few minutes of your time. Feel free to share this link with others in your community (health care providers, faith based organizations, neighborhood groups and others) that might have their own strategies and resources to share. CDA will organize and consolidate the responses on the EngageCA page.

Thank you for all you are doing for your communities and for your participation in this effort.
In partnership,
The MPA Team

Governor Gavin Newsom Calls for Creation of a Master Plan for Aging

The Governor's executive order calls for the Secretary of the Health and Human Services (CHHS) Agency to convene a cabinet-level Workgroup for Aging to advise the Secretary in developing and implementation of a Master Plan for Aging.

The order also directs CHHS to convene a Master Plan for Aging Stakeholder Advisory Committee, a Research Subcommittee and a Long-Term Care Subcommittee to advise development of a Master Plan that creates a more streamlined and equitable system of care for older adults and persons with disabilities in California.

Executive Order N-14-19

Information on the membership and meetings of the Master Plan for Aging Stakeholder Advisory Committee, the Research Subcommittee and the Long-Term Care Subcommittee is available at the Together We EngAGE website. All meetings are open to the public both in person and by telephone.

For upcoming meeting dates, membership and to view materials from past meetings, visit the following links:

Your Advocate: California Commission on Aging

The California Commission on Aging serves as the state’s principal advocate for older adults. Its primary purpose is to advance issues fundamental to ensuring healthy, purposeful and dignified longevity for all Californians.

The Commission on Aging advises the state’s Governor and Legislature, along with federal, state and local agencies, on programs and services that affect older adults. Additionally, the Commission works closely with public, nonprofit and private-sector institutions to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Established in 1973 by a California government mandate and confirmed in the Older Californians Act, the Commission is comprised of 25 commissioners – representing diverse fields related to aging. Commissioners serve three-year terms as volunteers and are appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly or by the Senate Rules Committee.

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The CCoA administers the TRIPLE-A COUNCIL OF CALIFORNIA (TACC), representing the state's 33 Area Agency on Aging advisory councils.

To learn more visit the TACC website at

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