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The California Commission on Aging serves as the state’s principal advocate for older adults. Its primary purpose is to advance issues fundamental to ensuring healthy, purposeful and dignified longevity for all Californians.

The Commission on Aging advises the state’s Governor and Legislature, along with federal, state and local agencies, on programs and services that affect older adults. Additionally, the Commission works closely with public, nonprofit and private-sector institutions to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Established in 1973 by a California government mandate and confirmed in the Older Californians Act, the Commission is comprised of 25 commissioners – representing diverse fields related to aging. Commissioners serve three-year terms as volunteers and are appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly or by the Senate Rules Committee.


Governor's Letter

Aging, Women and Poverty Policy Brief Released

Aging, Women and Poverty Policy Brief Released flyer

The causes and potential solutions to high rates of poverty among California’s older women are the focus of a new policy brief released by the California Commission on Aging. The brief outlines issues raised at the Aging, Women and Poverty in California forum hosted by the CCoA, California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, and the California Women’s Law Center in 2016. To read the report, click here.


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The CCoA administers the TRIPLE-A COUNCIL OF CALIFORNIA (TACC), representing the state's 33 Area Agency on Aging advisory councils.

To learn more visit the TACC website at www.4tacc.org.