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The CCoA administers the TRIPLE-A COUNCIL OF CALIFORNIA (TACC), representing the state's 33 Area Agency on Aging advisory councils.

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Welcome to the California Commission on Aging Website

The California Commission on Aging (CCoA) was established in 1973 by the Burton Act. It was confirmed in the original Older Californians Act of 1980 and reconfirmed in the Mello-Granlund Older Californians Act of 1996. It is comprised of 25 commissioners; 19 appointed by the Governor, 3 appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly, and 3 by the Senate Rules Committee. All Commissioners serve three year terms as volunteers.

The Commission serves as "the principal advocate in the state on behalf of older individuals, including, but not limited to, advisory participation in the consideration of all legislation and regulations made by state and federal departments and agencies relating to programs and services that affect older individuals." As such it is the principal advisory body to the Governor, State Legislature, and State, Federal and local departments and agencies on issues affecting older individuals in order to ensure a quality of life for older Californians so they may live with dignity in their chosen environment.  

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California Commission on Aging Co-hosts Successful Elder Justice Policy Summit

The Calfornia Commission on Aging (CCoA) co-hosted the second statewide Elder Justice Policy Summit with the California Elder Justice Coalition (CEJC) on September 26. The event was planned in partnership with the California Association of Area Agencies on Aging, the County Welfare Directors Association and the California Long Term Care Ombudsman Association. The Summit drew more than 120 invited experts to Sacramento to address continuing concerns regarding the state’s ability to effectively investigate, prosecute, and mitigate the myriad crimes against elders and dependent adults in California. Attendees participated in working groups focused on five areas critical to advancing elder justice in the state: 1) improving investigations of institutional abuse (skilled nursing); 2) access to the courts; 3) modernizing adult protective services; 4) prevention of caregiver abuse; and 5) access and parity for diverse populations. Building on the model of CEJC’s successful Elder Abuse Summit in 2010, the 2013 event will result in updates to the Coalition’s landmark publication Improving California’s Response to Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation -- A Blueprint, which was produced from the 2010 Summit findings with support from the Archstone Foundation. The Blueprint can be found at

A culminating outcome of the day’s event was the attendees’ strong support for a resolution, drafted by CEJC and formally adopted by CCoA and CEJC, calling on the Legislature to create a special or joint committee or blue ribbon panel to examine the statutory and regulatory framework for addressing and mitigating elder and dependent adult abuse and exploitation, with the goal of issuing a report identifying statutory, regulatory and programmatic changes necessary enhance statewide, community, and family efforts to prevent abuse and exploitation of older and disabled Californians. To read a copy of the CCOA-CEJC resolution, click here.

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